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What is Literature Review?

Literature review is the body of text that reviews the significant aspects of the existing knowledge with meaningful results and hypothetical and procedural involvement about a particular subject or topic. The literature review is used as the secondary source and this is why such it may not have any fresh or original experimental work.

A literature review can be a separate academic paper as well as a part of a longer academic writing task such as a research paper, thesis or dissertation. Since it is multiple functions, the writing process varies a little bit as per the requirement of literature review.

Reason to Write a Literature Review

The reason to write the literature review is to demonstrate to your teachers, professor or other readers that you have done comprehensive research and gone through all the relevant sources of information available in form of articles, journals, books, magazines, encyclopedia, etc. comprehensively. It shows that you a clear understanding of the topic about which you are writing.

Qualities of a good literature review

A high quality literature review should have the following qualities;

  • The structure of the literature review is very important and it should be organised in the proper manner.
  • It should have the logical and consistent flow of ideas.
  • It should have current and the pertinent references with suitable referencing style
  • The terminologies should be defined and used correctly.
  • Most importantly, it must have the complete view of the previous research about the topic you are working on.
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling must be properly used and there is no confusion in the sentence flow.
  • The paper layout should have the needed and apposite usage of margins, headings, hanging indents, block quotes, pagination and font.

Types Of A Literature Review

The types of literature are as follows;

  • Descriptive literature review
  • Aggressive literature review
  • Integrative literature review
  • Chronological literature review
  • Procedural literature review
  • Methodical literature review
  • Speculative literature review
  • Academic literature review

How To Write Literature Review


Define The Topic

It is essential to describe the topic you would research about and show clearly of it is a broad topic or specific one.

Search For The Applicable & Appropriate Materials

When you write a literature review, you have to make use of every available resource of information such as;

  • Campus library or online library of college or university
  • Internet
  • Professional publications
  • Reports
  • Journals or magazines
  • Conference proceedings

The Assessment of Research Material to Include in Your Paper

The relevance of research material is the most important aspect and you have to make a critical assessment of the resource you select. The following set of questions will help you determine of the resource you select is good enough or not.

  • Has the researcher brought light to the real problem or topic?
  • Is the objective is noticeably defined?
  • Has the writer made the required amount of research?
  • Is the under discussion research primary or secondary?
  • Does the resource add value to the comprehension of the subject?
  • Are the arguments rationally organised and easy to understand?
  • What are the strengths of study?
  • What are the limitations of the study?
  • How is the study associated with your topic?
  • Who is the audience of the study?
  • What is the credibility of the writer and the researcher?

Analysis of the results

When you have finished working, you need to analyse if you have done all the work correctly. The following set of questions will help you determine if you have done a proper work.

  • What are the conclusions you found during the study and analysis?
  • What are the important resemblances and dissimilarities between the chosen studies?
  • Have you made any major finding?

Structure Of Literature Review


You have to incorporate a small introduction making outline of the areas of the topic of your literature review and what your justification is for selecting the topic. You have to use the current resources of research materials and inform the readers about the discussion on the topic.

Incorporate the Outline of your Research Ways

Did you employ a database, internet or utilised both mediums to find the research material? You can also mention the keywords you utilised to search the data and what criterion you followed like date limitation, type of papers , etc.

Group Authors

You are supposed to include the authors in a group with same views and mention their qualification in their area of study. In addition, you have to show the areas where they different from each other as well and make a concise conclusion about the writer who gives the most persuasive arguments and make the best contribution to comprehension and development of the field.

Difference In Your Views

You also have to recognize the views which are different from your own views as it will exhibit that you are prepared to value the views of others and make your arguments even stronger.


The conclusion must to bring together the complete reviewed evidences make an obvious association to the topic you researched and it must answer to the following questions;

  • Did you find any gaps in the research?
  • What are the recommendations for further of future research?


To mention the references is the most important task when you have written your literature review so that other can verify the real resources and it can also be confirmed that you have not copied others’ works ‘as it is’.

All these guidelines are helpful for you to write a high quality literature review and if you need from scratch literature review writing help, you can place your order for a well written work as well.

Literature Review Examples

The examples papers are very useful to learn a writing style perfectly and the example of a literature review will surely work in the best manner for you. We offer free literature review samples so as to give the best literature review help to the students worldwide.




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